Wow: It’s a Pow-Wow

  What happens right here in my hometown of Naperville, Illinois? More than I knew.   – I attended my first Pow-Wow just a few weeks ago. What’s a Pow-Wow, you ask?  When Native American nations gather to celebrate hope, peace, and their future.  Anyone can come, anyone can be a part of the sacred circle.  Anyone… Read More →

blog road less traveled

Her Road Less Traveled

Janet Smith Petersen   My mama always told me that you never know about people, never ever assume.  You cannot tell who is walking in joy, and who lives with sorrow.  And you can’t necessarily sense when a person has adventure or passion in their heart. Until they start talking.   Janet Smith Petersen, gallerist, (humble) sage… Read More →

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Turn Heads

In light of today’s news from the Ukraine and Russia, I wanted to go back into why I started ADORN.   I am fascinated by our sameness.  Because that emphasizes our oneness.     Throughout the ages, we have been exhibiting our cultures on our heads.   Tibetan princess, mid 1800’s.            … Read More →


Amethyst knows me best

So the Greek word for drunk is “methismenos.”    And the ancient Greeks believed that if you drank wine from an amethyst cup, you would not get drunk- so instead of “methistos” you would be “A-methistos”, or NOT DRUNK.     So they drank out of amethyst to keep a clear head.   Right.   Amethyst comes… Read More →


Queen Tarzi

    Wife, mother, activist.   A member of the Pashtun tribe of Afghanistan.   The Afghani Queen from 1919 to 1929, she shocked tribal leaders by taking off her veil and publicly announcing her personhood.   The only wife of her beloved King, she accompanied him visiting troops in the war of independence against the British…. Read More →