My Sophanista Valentina

What do we know about Valentine’s Day?    Who is its namesake? The year was 269. Claudias, emperor of Rome, put out an edict that NO soldier could marry, because he believed a warrior would fight more fiercely without a beloved waiting for him.     Valentine didn’t agree.   He secretly married hundreds. And was thrown in… Read More →

Gather ye together this November

Mothers. Sisters. Daughters.  This November, STOP. Stop the madness that hurls us from Halloween BOO fadness, trick and treating gladness, too much chocolate badness, then BAM the yuletide givingness. Not worth it. Instead: make the memories tousle your beloved’s hair hold hands try not to carol until you have gathered together in thankness. And celebrate the blessings, oh… Read More →


When I was growing up,   my parents told me over and over why and how the Greek civilization ushered in the best of what made us human.   Ancient Greece, Alexander the Great, Byzantium:  Hellenistic saturation that is the engine of so much today. My brother and I were drilled and bathed in a strange mixture of… Read More →