Why Budding Sophanista?

what is our most precious commodity? time. because before you know it, she’s grown up. mamas and papas know it’s never too early OR too late to make certain their girls understand the power of FEEL BEAUTIFUL giving her grace, courage, confidence. fortifying her tenderness to others.  keeping her playful, dancing, not caring who’s watching.  never taking… Read More →

Designing Women

When a Sophanista designs her own ring   on a journey with her great grandmother and grandmother     She didn’t love garnet even though it was her birthstone. “I don’t have any memories of my Grandmother wearing the piece.  It was given to me by my Grandma around 1999~about 10 years before she died.”   She wore the… Read More →

My Sophanista Valentina

What do we know about Valentine’s Day?    Who is its namesake? The year was 269. Claudias, emperor of Rome, put out an edict that NO soldier could marry, because he believed a warrior would fight more fiercely without a beloved waiting for him.     Valentine didn’t agree.   He secretly married hundreds. And was thrown in… Read More →