Adorn Her with Strength

We get by with a little help from our friends.


But other times, we need something



This morning, I went out to breakfast with a friend of 30 years showing me around her beautiful home of Seattle.


And LOOK at the beauty that inspired me, that came so matter of factly:



Leiann was pouring our coffee when I noticed her necklace. It wasn’t a necklace that sparkled with gemstones -it was brimming with love. I could tell that by the way she wore it so proudly, held it so gingerly.


And it turns out this necklace was the tangible object that kept her going during her divorce. Originally bought by her mama, her children added the first 3 charms: A for Alexandra, C for Curren, and J for Jagger.


Jagger was named after Mick.





Then more young people in her life- friends, nieces wanted to participate. AND as the world piled on to be a part of her necklace, to honor her and communicate how precious she was, she said:



Because those who knew her best wanted to let her know how LOVED she was: and appreciated that she was always present, always there.


EVERY jingle, each jangle says: I LOVE YOU right out loud.


‘Twas an HONOR to meet you, Leiann.