Designing Women

When a Sophanista designs her own ring


on a journey with her great grandmother

and grandmother



She didn’t love garnet

even though it was her birthstone.
“I don’t have any memories of my Grandmother wearing the piece.  It was given to me by my Grandma around 1999~about 10 years before she died.”


She wore the pendant a few times, on a black beaded chain. For years, it lived in her jewelry box.


“I was sad I didn’t wear it much because it reminded me of my Grandma, but the setting was rectangular, antique looking and just wasn’t “me.”



How Diana designed her ring:


“I was in your studio looking around when I saw earrings that you were working on that you had left on the table.  I saw the metal teardrop shape and thought it would make a great ring.  Because I don’t love the deep brownish red color of a garnet, I knew I wanted to bring in other colors that I do love while complementing the garnet stone.  I love blues and greens, so when I saw the teal colored stones, I just loved the way they made the deep red of the garnet pop.  Mixing in a bit of the pyrite just brought a beautiful richness to the jewel tones.  The teardrop ring reminds me of a planchette… it helps me connect with the past, but its a guide which points to the future.”



feel beautiful, Diana:


“I wear my ring when I want to be unique.  I tend to put it on when I know I’m going out with friends that I love and will have a fun time with.  It’s my happy ring.    I also wear it when I need strength or to be strong such as an important meeting. Something about it makes me feel powerful.   I of course think of my Grandma when I wear it, but I also think about all the times I saw Sophia pieces on other women.  Those times involved happy gatherings or gathering for a purpose such as philanthropic fundraisers and events.”


You too, can design like Diana.


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