Queen Tarzi



Wife, mother, activist.


A member of the Pashtun tribe of Afghanistan.


The Afghani Queen from 1919 to 1929, she shocked tribal leaders by taking off her veil and publicly announcing her personhood.  

The only wife of her beloved King, she accompanied him visiting troops in the war of independence against the British. She participated in hunting parties on horseback, an act unheard of by women in Afghanistan at the time.

Born in 1899 in Syria and the child of intellectuals, she campaigned for the education of girls, and managed to send several abroad to university.

By 1929, to stop the possibility of civil war, the King abdicated his throne.  Queen Soraya Tarzi spent the rest of her life in exile in Italy until her death in 1968.


The PASHTUN collection is made in her honor. She held her head high, she faced adversity with strength. She felt beautiful.