Positive Incarnation

The colors of Tibet are calling me.  Red coral, blue turquoise.


Why?  I can’t say it’s physical, like a thirst.  I’m not being dragged into Buddhist philosophy, which could likely cause my Greek grandmother to spit out her stuffed tomatoes and point her fork at me menacingly.  It’s my search for the answer to “what defines beautiful?”  I look to other cultures, especially ancient ones, to help me understand why the peace within is really the determining factor that makes us feel beautiful.


How to get that peace?  Ah, grasshopper, this is in your very hands.  The Tibetans believe that coral is the force of life, it feeds our blood and makes our juices flow.  And turquoise?  It is the stone of wisdom, spiritual journeys, a symbol of the limitless.  Tibetan women slather themselves in these rocks, gifts of the earth, as if to say:  O yeah, sisters.  I have all of this and more- I am strong, I am invincible, I am… GIRL you know the rest.


SING IT out loud.


Feel beautiful,