Ride on the Bead Train

Beauty is courage in the face of adversity.


War is messy.  Wait.  More than messy.  It’s indescribable.  I remember listening to stories from my Yiayia (grandmother) and thinking to myself- man, my biggest angst in my life is that the popular girls call each other up on Thursdays to wear a skirt and why didn’t they call me cuz I am so flippin’ cool?


This talented mother of 11 has seen war since her childhood.  She is a citizen of the newest nation on earth: South Sudan.  She is gathering funds to sell at the amazing Santa Fe International Folk Market this July.  I hope to be there to meet her in person.


Ms. Mary creates Dinka corsets: “Unmarried girls traditionally wear the Dinka corset; the size and color communicates the girl’s age, her status in society, her family’s background, and especially the family’s expectations of dowry.”


Adornment is human expression.  It says, this is who I AM.  This is who I WANT TO BE.         BAM.